Do you prefer a commercially licensed or non-licensed Taxi?

If you are one of the taxi travellers who are always thinking about the travel time and cost from the starting point and to your destination, I recommend you think a little deeper – who is to cover you if the taxi gets into an accident? Would you hitch a ride from a stranger? What are the credentials of your driver? What if your driver was a previously convicted criminal?

With some of these questions in mind, you would think twice about hitching a ride from a non-licensed Taxi. At the end of the day, is the price worth for either riding on a commercially licensed or non-license Taxi? Let’s take a look at the differences;

Commercially Licensed Taxi Company
The taxi driver knows the city via training materials provided by the companyPricing may not be as competitive (varies from each taxi company)
The driver gets a background check via standard hiring procedure
You are covered by insurance
Drivers are professionally trained to company meet standards
Taxi identification number
Regulated by the Taxi Industry to meet professional standards

Non-Licensed Taxi Company
Competitive pricesDrivers are not trained
No background check (how well do you know your driver?)
You are not covered by insurance
You are in a stranger’s vehicle
No Taxi identification number

When comes down to travelling via taxi, I would personally use a commercially licensed taxi as I would feel a safe and secure. would you travel on your next taxi ride?