With our interactive web and telephone services anyone can schedule our commercially licensed, insured vehicles and professional drivers, and experience our airport limo taxi service at a reasonable fare. Our customer service agents are available 24hrs/7 days a week, including holidays.

Public Priority Service

Depending on where our drivers are located, our priority service has a window of up to 30 minutes after scheduling a pick-up.

Public Tourism Experience

Are you a tourist or looking for something new? Experience a taxi ride with one of our drivers who can recommend the best geographical scenery and or local hidden gems in Toronto and the GTA.

Private and Business

Our goal is to make your life easier and we understand the value of your time, as Aerofleet Services business forefront our relationship with businesses and the private sector have never been closer than before. Alongside our Customer Service Agents, we have integrated a new CRM software that ensures easy access to our drivers and dispatch anytime and anywhere in Toronto and the GTA with a few clicks of a button. The CRM includes quick access to your invoices, and various reports to keep track of those who have used our service.

Private and Business Priority Service

This varies on your account, and the arrangements you have made with an Aerofleet Account Manager.

Lost and Found

We respect the property and belongings of our passengers. If you think you have misplaced or forgotten something in our vehicles feel free to let us know and we will gladly contact our drivers right away and ensure a swift retrieval of your belongings.